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'Rocks standing high near the water' - photos from the Canadian Province Ontario.

The centrally located province of Ontario in Canada is home to the Great Lakes, Hudson Bay, Niagara Falls, Algonquin Provincial Park and many architectural masterpieces such as the CN Tower, Sky Dome, and many of the national parliament buildings in the capital city of Ottawa.

Toronto, the most popular city to visit in Canada and the largest city in the country is also the provincial capital. Located on Lake Ontario, one of the Great Lakes, Toronto is the technology capital and home of the CN Tower, the world’s tallest man-made structure.

In the east of Ontario, Ottawa sits on the south bank of the Ottawa River, with the twin city of Hull on the north bank in the province of Quebec. Around the gothic parliament buildings you can often find traditionally dressed Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers.

North Bay (‘Just north enough to be perfect’ the tag line of the city states) is where I lived while travelling through the province. North Bay is on the east shores of Lake Nipissing in the Blue Sky Region. Algonquin Provincial Park is south east of the city which is on the intersections of the Trans-Canada Highways 17 and 11. The busy city of 60,000 people has a few attractions for tourists and makes a pleasant place to live.

Niagara Falls is in the south of Ontario on the border with New York where Lake Erie flows into Lake Ontario. This is one of Canada’s largest tourist attractions and the falls on the Canadian side of the border are the most impressive.
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